0 speed and FPS in games (especially pokemon x/y)

Hi. So, yesterday I was enjoying some Pokemon on Citra, and played for almost all day. This morning, I opened Citra and encountered an abismal framerate and awful loading times (took more than 35 min to load the shaders). The problem is plaguing my other games, except for SMT Strange Journey Redux (runs slow but hey, it loads!).
Anyways, any help is appreciated.

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 (8th Gen)
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): 1823
  • Game: Pokémon X
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

Diagnostic Log
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citra_log.txt (903.5 KB)

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Renderer_UseHwShader: false
You appear to have Hardware Shaders disabled. That will cause your slowdown. However, your GPU driver is out of date. To enabling it now would most likely just cause a blackscreen. So we’ll need to update those first:

GL_VERSION: 4.3.0 - Build
^ This driver is out of date. To update, download and install gfx_win_101.3790_101.2114.exe from Intel® Graphics – Windows* DCH Drivers
Mirror download: https://downloadmirror.intel.com/751359/gfx_win_101.3790_101.2114.exe

Let me know if you encounter any issues during the installation.

If the install was successful, re-enable Hardware Shaders in Emulation>Configuration>Graphics>Advanced Tab. That should solve the performance related issues you were getting.

Lastly, you appear to have set the CPU Clock Speed to 25%. Underclocking and overclocking is inherently unstable. If you’re getting issues with freezing, set this back to 100% in Emulation>Configuration>System. It’s generally speaking best to not mess with this unless you know which games benefit from underclocking and where.

thanks for the help, I will update the driver UwU