100% Disk Usage in Task Manager and causes Citra games to freeze

Issue: 100% Disk Usage when playing games in CItra Canary and causes my games to freeze
System Information:

Operating System: Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit ( 10.0 , Build 10240 )
CPU: Intel® Pentium ® CPU 3825U @ 1.90GHz ( 4 CPUs), ~1.9GHz
GPU: (dunno where to find it cuz imma newbie : p )
Citra Version (found in title bar): Citra Canary l HEAD-6d0eab1
Game: Bravely Second, Stella Glow, Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology, and more
Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar): ( it doesnt screenshot because the crash and freeze affects it )
The Pastebin link that you got from this thread: ? ( newbie here )

That doesn’t sound like a Citra issue, but more like a problem with your PC.

100% Disk Usage

This sounds like a virtual memory/swap file issue. Windows will use a swap file on your HDD if you are RAM starved. How much RAM does your computer have, and what is its usage % when this problem is occurring?

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Friend, the pentium 3825u has 2 cores no 4;
the threads if 4 is different! The problem is in your pc NOT in your Citra; investigated in google because I have seen a problem rather linked to windows 10 where several people complained because certain programs saturated 100% of disk use.

in the first instance update your OS version Home to the PRO version!

There won’t be any change from a Pro Windows Version.
He just could open up the Task Manager and look at the applications which cause the 100% disk usage.