1041 version of Citra has much better performance in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Hey guys. So I was trying to run AC:NL at playable speeds for days now (I got seriously depressed with the New Horizon announcements and stuff). And I found out, thanks to another user on this forum that 1041 version of Citra runs the game much better.

Here’s the link: Citra runs super slow in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Although the user says that ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ should be disabled to improve performance, I didn’t find it to be the case for me. I have the same settings in this version of Citra as in currently newest Canary build and the game runs better by default. There are some slowdown areas in New Leaf like some areas around the beach, and the main street and in 1041 those slowdowns are significantly less noticeable. Around those areas, the game’s speed percentage also seems to be very close to newest version of Citra (around 70-80%), but the slowdown itself is significantly reduced. I’m not an emulator expert but maybe you guys will know what’s it about. I hope this helps!

My specs: X4 860K, 8GB RAM, R7 370

its worth noting that his (from your link) CPU has ~40% higher Single thread performance than yours, and when ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ is disable citra uses your CPU for such feature, canary-1041 had a feature that uses more than one CPU core for vertex shader processing.

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I see. That makes a lot sense. But thank you so much for linking this version of Citra by the way. After all these years New Leaf is actually playable for me and I can’t even put it into words how happy this makes me as a huge fan of the series. :grinning:

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