2nd account, trying to verify but I keep getting the token from my first account

Hello, I have the usernames Lyvia and Lyv2.
In the meantime I successfully managed to verify the Lyvia- account.

So I tried to do the next step to set up a multiplayer, but I can’t join the same room with the same account verified twice, which is made my new account named Lyv2.
I also tried to verify this account in citra, but everytime I want to retreive the token for Lyv2, by visiting the token link, I Always get the message:

“hey Lyvia, here’s your token + token from my other acc”

I mean it should Display the Name Lyv2 and the other token.
Plus I made sure that the Lyvia account is logged out. Still I keep getting the pop-up for my token for my 1st account.

Sigh… I just wanna be able to trade some pokemon with it.

System Information

  • Operating System: Win 10
  • CPU:
  • GPU:
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Nightly 1186
  • Game:
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

and how do I run 2x citra Emulator without having the same console ID?
I managed to get myself in a room twice now, but I guess it’s the same account and my other pokemon Version won’t show up once I attempt trading :frowning:

You need to manually download the latest release, extract to the location of your choice, in that extracted folder create a new folder titled User and it will populate with the same files that are in your %appdata%\citra folder but unique to this manually extracted folder, allowing you to open two independent instances of Citra. Let us know if this works for allowing you to generate two unique tokens.

Many thanks for your support, but I’m still completely lost.
I’ve saved Citra to my hard drive D: , creating a citra folder. I made sure that the maintenance tool had downloaded the latest Version.

So I’ve created a new user folder in that citra folder. You wrote it was supposed to populate itsself with files, but how? It does nothing user remains empty.
I’m not sure whether I’m following your instruction correctly or how I should proceed.

the folder you wanna copy is the one with the citra executables, citra-qt.exe, citra.exe, etc. which is nightly-mingw folder, and you should create the user folder inside the newly copied nightly-mingw folder, and paste the contents of %appdata%\citra inside of this user folder as @Eloeri mentioned above. then open both citra-qt.exe.

also you don’t need to connect to a room online to trade with yourself, simply create one room with one citra and ‘Direct connect to a room’ with the other. (you can find your ip by running ipconfig /all on CMD and using the ipv4 from there). also use the same port to create and connect.

also to add onto what bio3c if you find the connection performance lacking you can try to port forward the selected port to optimize short running connections which the best tutorial i can find is below

Someone provided me a video where to create the user folder
and which content to paste into it :o

I’ve done that.
I open citra twice and it still uses the same IDS for both. Even if I reset the console ID, the other citra changes to that too.

Idk what I m doing the wrong way still.
I wanna verify one citra with “Lyvia” and the other one with “Lyv2”, but it keeps retreiving me the code for the Lyvia account.


I just wanna be able to trade pokemon between 2 citras (ruby and sapphire). I guess resetting the console ID also killed my saved games, which is why I have to restart the game for the 3rd time now, which is a bit frustratimg.

“also you don’t need to connect to a room online to trade with yourself, simply create one room with one citra and ‘Direct connect to a room’ with the other. (you can find your ip by running ipconfig /all on CMD and using the ipv4 from there”

that’s what I tried.
I create a room with the Lyvia account and want my Lyv2 acc to join. But it says that both of my acc have the same console ID. And everytime I reset Lyv2 console ID, the ID of Lyvia resets too and adapt to Lyv2 console ID.

I’m absolutely clueless.

you may need to dump the system files from a 2nd 3ds if you are having trouble with this send me a private message

You need to make sure you’re opening the two different Citra versions. Please take a screenshot of each individual citra-qt.exe folder.

likely you didn’t setup a second citra folder properly, here’s a ELi5:
Many pc games have their save files and configurations located on my documents, citra likewise also has its save files and configurations

the folder where citra stores its files is the same folder where you pasted your nand folder, that is:

this is the folder where citra looks for its files. however you want to trade with yourself, so you need an additional folder to store your files, so that it doesn’t conflict with each other.

the way you do that is that making a copy of your citra installation folder, the one on your screenshot above ‘nightly-mingw’ elsewhere (e.g: desktop), and inside of it (where citra-qt.exe resides) you create a folder named user (lowercase).

now copy everything inside %appdata%\citra to the user folder.

Done! now simply open both nightly-mingw folders, open both citra-qt.exe, and remember to regenerate your console id on your second citra folder (the one with the user folder).

not really, if you are simply trading with yourself or using the files by yourself there is no limitation on citra’s implementation (or legal limitation) to use your system archives.

So nightly and nightly wouldn’t work?
So I need 1x canary and 1x nightly?

Jusr making sure before taking another attempt. It’s pretty late here rn, and I ll start another attempt once I ve woken up.
And then also going to provide screenshots.

Tysm for your guys help. :slight_smile:

No, you can use two of which ever. The whole point of making the user folder in the manually downloaded Citra version is to separate it from the installer version, that’s what making the user folder does. As long as you’re opening a unique instance of a citra executable from each of the folders, you should be good.

Okay, I’m a bit slow with understanding all of that, haha sorry. :joy: I don’t have these technical backgrounds.

Okay, I ll have 1 main acc named Lyvia with Pokemon Ruby. and one side account named Lyv2 with pokemon saphire.

So… I start of with 1 citra folder after downloading it, right?
So I want to make a 2nd one on my desktop.
The “user” folder goes where citra-qt.exe is… that’s what I understood so far.
Then i open %appdata%/citra and copy paste content to the user folder.

To break it down for me
I have
1 ruby citra folder
1 sapphire cira folder

but according the screenshot I apparently need the user folder in one of those versions, right? (either ruby folder or sapphire folder)
and then I just reset the console of the oder one? Or the console od the citra where i created the user folder?

I’m rly sorry for being so slow on this :sweat_smile: and thanks so much for your patience, it’s highly appreciated!

that screenshot displays very clearly that one folder is your default citra folder and the other is a copy of it with the ‘user’ folder inside, to which you must paste the contents of %appdata%/citra on it, that’s all you need to do, and you have to do that for the reason mentioned by Eloeri above.

now simply open both citra-qt.exe. but you need to regenerate your console id on your second citra folder.

Like I’ve said, the whole point of making a user folder in the same folder as citra-qt.exe is to force the .exe to look at that user folder instead of the %appdata% folder which Citra would other wise do automatically. If you had two Citra folders with no user folder they would both be looking at the %appdata% folder which is why they both try to validate the same account information.

Once you’ve made that user folder, you allow the citra-qt.exe to make its own directory for the information in that user folder. Opening both of those citra-qt.exe then has them both looking in two different locations for the data, hence being able to have separate accounts for each different executable.

Hi, this is Lyv2 (Posting from this acc), since I can’t make more Posts from Lyv2 for today.

It still won’t work for me.

I’ll attach a few screens, Maybe u can see what I m doing wrong.

heading to bed now. many thanks for your assistance, really :slight_smile:






Almost there, don’t connect using your IP address, use either your ipv4 (run ipconfig /all on CMD to find it) or your localhost address