2nd account, trying to verify but I keep getting the token from my first account

You can leave the IP box blank you just need the port numbers to match

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i didn’t know that, nice!

you are already connected to yourself after all.

thanks i used it and I’m finally able to trade pokemon… thanks soo much!!!
Sorry for all that trouble.

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well it is good that you got it to work

hello, im a newbie citra player, i have done all those double citra thing, and i generate one citra id different from the other one, but when i want to join the other room, it says ‘‘your console ID conflicted with someone else’s in the room’’, thx

Did you setup one citra instance in portable mode?
just follow the instructions above carefully:

i have this folder : D:\3DS\
there is :

  • Licenses
  • nightly-mingw
  • components
  • InstallationLog
  • maintenancetool
  • maintenacetool.dat
  • network

then i open nightly-mingw folder, and there is many stuff inside it like citra , citra-qt, and citra-room.

then i copy the nightly-mingw folder, and pasted it in D:\3DS\ , with the name nightly-mingw 2, then i go to AppData\Roaming\Citra, there is : ‘‘cheats,config,log,nand,sdmc,sysdata’’ inside, i copy all and i make a user folder inside ‘‘nightly-mingw 2’’ and i paste ‘‘cheats,config,log,nand,sdmc,sysdata’’
inside the user folder
is this right ? thxx so much

i turn on citra from the nightly-mingw folder and nightly-mingw 2 folder, then i regenerate the citra id from the nightly-mingw 2 folder, but it keeps saying ‘‘your console ID conflicted with someone else’s in the room’’

You may have to regenerate your id on your main citra folder, which can cause save game loss, so before doing that backup your sdmc and nand folder.

how to backup ? and can i still make a trade to myself now ? or should i re install all the citra and lose all game progress ? thxx , sry for bad english and problems

as mentioned above, just backup your ‘sdmc’ and 'nand folders, located on AppData\Roaming\Citra as have you also mentioned above.

sry, how to back hehe

to *backup simply copy these two folders elsewhere, open citra and regenerate your id.

so after i backup, i can regenerate my main id?

so i should :

  1. backup these files, then open the main citra and regenerate id
  2. make the second nightly-mingw
  3. etc ?

or should i backup data, and re install citra?

do that. minimum characters

still ‘‘your console ID conflicted with someone else’s in the room’’ , sry to make so much mess

i already

  1. backed up the nand and sdmc folder to another folder
  2. open the main citra (haven’t make the nightly folder copy) and regenerate
  3. make a copy of nightly folder
  4. copy the citra folder from %appdata%\citra (cheats,config,log,nand,sdmc,sysdata)
  5. pasted it inside user folder in nightly2 folder
  6. open the main citra-qt
  7. open the nightly2 citra-qt
  8. regenerate the nightly2 code
  9. make a room from the main citra
    ‘‘your console ID conflicted with someone else’s in the room’’

thx, sry for all this mess, pls bear with me :slight_smile: i want to trade to myself :frowning:

can you take some screenshots of your folder setup?

image image

what’s inside D:/3DS/nightly-mingw-copy/user/ ? btw are you connecting only with yourself or with other people online? try rebooting your pc.

Hi, i think you need to regenerate your telemetry in order to join a room with yourself on another citra copy