32 bit when it will be released

when will citra release for 32 bit

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is it already available or in future?

Probably never. 32-bit systems are old. If you have a system that can only run 32-bit, you’re out of luck.
32-bit systems wouldn’t be able to obtain decent speeds for Citra. Sure, you can build a 32-bit Citra, but that means you would have to disable certain features in building that makes Citra fast. You would get 1-2 FPS in that build at best.

the only thing i have to buy or upgrade my pc???

If your CPU supports 64-bit, you can install a OS that has 64-bit support.
If it doesn’t - buy a new PC.

pokemon x is my favourite shiiiiiiiiiit i cant play sooooooooooooo bbbbbaaad

Pokemon X/Y doesn’t work in Citra anyway.

please can u tell any other way can i play pokemon 3ds games

As I said - install a 64-bit version of Windows or other OS. But since your system already had 32-bit, I would assume that your system is very poor and the GPU might not even support Citra.

do any other emulators will be released in future to grant my wish

ok bro ill buy a new pc but can i able to run citra in it

You’ll need a very recent computer. Latest generation i5 with at least 3.4 GHz+. The GPU matters less.

You need as powerful of a CPU as you can get with single core performance.

Even then, X&Y have problems, but ORAS and USUM work pretty well. Look on our compatdb on our website.

Get a 64-bit CPU and a GPU that supports OpenGl 3.3 or above

you want to play pokemon games so badly eh? then buy a 3DS/2DS if you don’t mind the graphics or not enough money for decent PC.

They would already have had the 3DS for Citra. You can’t play games in Citra if you don’t have a 3DS.

Maybe he/she’s got sight issues, like me? Thats the reason i started using Citra.

At the momemt you can play Pokemon Sun Ultra with i7 Processor but with min. 3,5 Ghz.
I have minimum 25fps max 30 fps^^

citra is ugly like the moderator…make 32 bit version!!!

@Jessarn_PH Please don’t shitpost.

Closing this as the thread is old and the FAQ already answers this.