3ds Minecraft discontinued?

Is minecraft 3ds discontinuued cause i wanted to play 1.16.2 on it

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No logs…

It has already been discontinued in January 2019.
But since Minecarft is still natively available for PC and Mobiles there isn’t even any advantage in playing the 3DS version, if you are not going to play on your actual 3DS.

The latest version of Minecraft on the 3DS is 1.13 or the Aquatic Update. Although I could be wrong since that was the last version for the Wii U

Oh the aquatic update is ok

Just as long I can play on my 3ds

Turns out I’m wrong. The latest update for the 3DS version of Minecraft is not Update Aquatic. It’s the Discovery Update so I think that would be 1.12 for Java

thats not
soo bad but not too good

One of the advantages is the Mario world and the Mario texture pack