3DS1568 - Shin Megami Tensei IV - Apocalypse (USA) crash

Tested versions:
nightly-280 343bbfd, bleeding-edge-458 2e2b9b8, bleeding-edge-457 80e4e70, bleeding-edge-453 5272a29.

System Info:
Windows 10 64bit 1703, I5-6300HQ, 12GB RAM

How error occur:
Open game > start new game > dialogues & dialogues > select “look for relics” > crash

PS. If use discrete graphic card, there is no such error in bleeding-edge-458 2e2b9b8, but I think 6300HQ is not very old, and not everyone have discrete graphic card, so I think I still need to tell you there is the error if you interest in it.

Log screens:

Full logs:

Looks like this game requires texture rendering, which is not fully supported ( pls don’t flame me if i’m wrong ).

The could not parse mov error is known to happen if you open a game, stop it and open a 2nd game.

Is this the first game you’re running?

Sorry for that I didn’t write it clearly, this thread is a report for Citra team, not asking help, as I said “If use discrete graphic card, there is no such error”. I use Citra for a long time.

Oh, I’m sorry. I worded it wrong.

I meant to say if this was the first game that you were running since the Citra application launch.

The devs already know this issue, but in a another form, and that’s why I’m asking the question about if this was the first game that you were running.

Hi I am receiving the same could not parse mov error. But I have played smt 4 on my citra with no problems and now for some reason it isnt working for smt 4 appocalypse is there that much of a graphical difference between the two that it would be giving me errors. i’ve tried a few different versions of citra and then downloaded the rom from a few different sites. Any idea how I could get past this go search for relics part of the game. I havent had this error with any other citra rom ive played/.