4 Threads for Multicore

Will Multicore be implemented for 4 threads in future?

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I use 4 real threads, my other hyper threading 4 threads are off, and no turbo and I am happy how it works, used all 8 threads and didn’t see much changes, Full HD, not 4k.
My CPU i7700k 4.20 GHz, GPU Geforce 1060 GTX 6GB VRAM, 16 GB Ram.

The current implementation being tested in early access uses 4 threads for CPU emulation, but Switch games only use 3 of those, the last thread is always reserved for the native OS. That brings the total thread count to something closer to 6 threads, so, depending of the game HT/SMT may bring a small improvement in quad core CPUs.

Could multi-core be implemented for laptop with only 4 threads in future?

In my years of Emulators, I observed that many use high CPU GHz, and Intel with NVIDIA are best in Emulation, than AMD that has problems.

Could Multi-core work for 2.06 GHz laptops with 4 threads in the future with above 30 fps?