A little comment and the emulation of the game SUPER MARIO 3D LAND

Hi, I wanted to know if in the future graphics could be implemented the Directx11, Directx9 or OpenGL options, as well as the Vulkan that most recent emulators are testing. What if I check on your website, I am very high specifications but does not say how much, and in such a case that most GAMERS does not have a high level PC, since most PCs work with integrated videos in microprocessors, except for other microprocessors does not have enough potential in the graphics, I mean in AMD and INTEL, since AMD has higher graphics and INTEL does not contain much support. For this reason you need a video card. What if I thought it a good idea to implement audio option which when verifying which type of audio the PC contains and which you can choose in it, so should make this small modification for the graphics. As I say, they are still starting in this project, whereby developers can restore the graph well, not only work in one, but if friends do not forget to test a standard PC without consuming a lot of resources, I hope they can get them to execute the most games in standard mode.

Finally, the game SUPER MARIO 3D LAND runs me slow, what I do not understand why? … If I have a PC AMD A10 7870K which has 8 GPU and 4 CPU (equivalent to an INTEL i5), with memory 8GB RAM and Sound Blaster 5.1 VX audio card.

I hope you can tell me if in these specifications that I have, indicate to me that I can increase or not ?. Thank you… Sorry my bad english XD!!

Maintaining other graphics backends isn’t a easy task, especially when the OpenGL one is under rapid development. Don’t think that the introduction of these other backends is going to improve your experience either - Citra is not bottlenecked by the graphics side of things on pretty much all computers, DirectX is proprietary, and Vulkan is still a long way off.

We cannot control what specs users have - we cannot magically make the emulator faster and run on lower end machines, without sacrificing alot of compatibility for a very little increase in speed.

Don’t get your argument about AMD vs Intel iGPUs - again, they aren’t all that important in the scheme of things for Citra.

I have no clue what you are on about here.


No, your computer does not have 8 GPUs and 4 CPUs… 4 cores? maybe. Not sure where you are pulling those numbers from.

Refer to https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html - Citra requires a minimum score of 1800 at the very least. Your CPU doesn’t hold up, and scores ~1549.

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so you have one of these