A new tag maybe?

I feel a new “Dev” tag should be created. It is very difficult while browsing through the forums to find Dev posts.
Sorry to bother if u feel otherwise. :wink:

Developers usually prefer not to be announced. Dealing with the userbase is for the Moderators, and contributors can participate at their own discretion :slight_smile:


Ham is right. We prefer for people to not differentiate us by our role in the project. We think that in many cases, the questions can be answered by anyone who is familiar with the project, whether they are a programmer or not. If we had a Dev tag, then we are worried that some people might not listen to the other people if they don’t have a dev tag. This kinda defeats the purpose of having a community forum then!

I’m not opposed to adding one, but I personally don’t want a dev tag. (I don’t have one on any emulation subreddit either)


Sorry for bumping this really old thread, but I think u misunderstood me. What i meant was not a group like moderators, but a question tag, like General, Support, Offtopic, etc. In my opinion the should be a separate question tag called “Code”. This will be really helpful as some school students like me really want to contribute by simply haven’t got the time to talk about it first in IRC (thanks to our parents, who feel ANYTHING except studying is a waste of time). Then we can do a post with the Code tag & login next day to hear what others have to say. Again, sorry for bumping.

The thing is, most developers don’t actively browse the forums, so not much development takes place here. Response times for technical questions would be slow, because you need someone with the right knowledge to see it.

I’m not sure I understand this argument. If you have the time to make a topic here, then you should have the time to be able to drop a question in the Discord server or IRC channel.

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IRC is really slow, & I don’t want to create a new account altogether for just one community.

That’s fine. I visit the forums 3 times a day, & am ready to wait.

It’s not that slow, really. If you ask at the right time, you might get an answer pretty quickly. If not, you would still get a response more quickly than you would on the forums.

Understand that this community is, in a way, split up into the user base and developer base. This forum, and most of the Discord server, exist for users to interact and get the support. The GitHub repo, IRC, and IRC Discord bridge channel exist for developers to work on Citra. Generally, there’s not much overlap between the two.

Thanks. I’ll try out IRC.

IRC doesn’t even need an account, you can just use a nickname lol.

Well, that’s the precise reason that I don’t like it. Anyone can use my nickname.

You can register your nickname to tie it to a specific username / password.

Thanks. I’ll try it out.