A problem while running some scenes in Pokemon

Hello! It’s my first time here so I’ll be fast :slight_smile:

When I’m at the point to finish the Game Pokemon Sun before the Hall of Fame, there’s a fading transition and suddently, the FPS go to value 0.

I’ve waited after 5 minutes but nothing happened. The game runs normally, but not at that point.

Could anyone helps me there, please ?

That’s a known issue, the workaround is to use only three nicknamed Pokemon to beat the the elite 4

Only that ? Because it’s the first time I use Citra and I’ve almost beaten Kukui (actually)!!

Yes. You need to have 3 nicknamed Pokemon for you to advance.

OK I got it.
And secondly it’s when I leave "Mystery Gift£ (or something like that because I,m French) and “Live Competitions” - it also goes to O FPS.

Those are online services and Citra does not connect to them.

OK Now my problem is solved. Thanks very much :grin:

Oh one more thing: is that freezing also present in Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon ?

Yes, but the fix is already being made.

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The issue with the Pokemon League Hall of Fame has been fixed. Please use the latest builds from the website.

Huh please also the Alola Photo Studio black screen issue in US/UL.

Yes, the Alolan Photo Studio issue is also fixed.

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