A theoretical solution for warioware gold twsit control

Well as everyone knows that the gyorscope works really bad in the warioware gold twist games.
Well let’s first know how the 3ds twisting works
Imagine this
You need to move A to get the gold to win the game.How do you do this in 3DS. Well simple you rotate the 3DS perpendicularly. let’s just say you need to rotate it 15 degree perpendicularly.
after you do that
A got the gold so then the game is won
Now let’s try to emulate it in citra
First thing first
there are 3 axis are being emulated now in are which are X Y Z.
For more accuracy. First thing we need to do is that disable the x and z axis because we only rotate the Y axis.
Now i Let’s set the key A for rotating the citra 15 degree Right. And D for rotating citra 15 degree left
Now let have the same situation here
You type D (3DS rotate 15 degree left)
A got the gold again Game is won.
Pretty simple huh.
Now let’s have another situation here
You need to rotate citra 30 degree this time whatcha you goona then.
well simple i type D twice. XD
Nooo let’s say you only can type D once in this game.(don’t ask for the reason)
Let’s set a key E that can make each rotation 30 degree
For example when you are not holding the key E each time you type A or D you only will rotate 15 degree But when you hold the key E. then each time you type A or D your citra will rotate 30 degree
Now you only type D once to win the game. this will be tremendously useful in game that require high speed rotation.

So overall i think we need 3 keys
1 for rotating Citra left
1 for rotating Citra right
1 for accelerate the rotation.

this is just my theory If something is wrong. please point it out.

I like it. Thanks for detailing out your idea so well. Look forward to any improvement for tilting in this (amazing) game.

and we need a key for microphone too, though

Mic support is being worked on.