A way to drop resolution below native/boost speed

at some places, I just want speed, and don’t care if the resolution drops a lot.

so I was wondering if I can drop resolution below native (which i am guessing is the 3DS size) that should boost speed right?

and is there any settings can change to boost speed and if so what would be the price.(what would drop to boost speed)

can anyone please give me a list?

thank you.

What Citra version are you using? If Canary, could you upload a screenshot of your settings in Emulation - Configure - Graphics?

that all u need or any other too?

it is that way as (even tho it most likely is confirmation bias on my part) I feel like it gives a bit higher speed when I put it on “speed limit on, with a % that the comp pretty much never reaches” rather than just switch off the speed limit.

for the record in pokemon US I avg 150-300% speed and with it hitting a low of around 60% speed in some things like a double battle.
300 is in things like menu, and very rare on top.
normally in overworld areas, I get around 170% speed.

thank you for helping.

o yea before u ask last I checked changing it to GPU crashes it for me.

What Canary version are you using? Specs (CPU, GPU?)

intel i core i7-6700 3.4GHz
ram 31.0 GB useable
64 bit windows 8.1
anything else?

There’s no way to decrease resolution below native. You can’t do much to increase performance though.

there must be some thing???

Your CPU is very potent and Citra is mostly CPU limited, so unless you have no dedicated GPU at all and you are using the integrated GPU of your 6700 there is nothing to speed up Citra other than waiting for development progress or buying a dedicated GPU if you have none and that’s a limiting factor.

You can check your GPU with: start --> dxdiag --> display
or better: start —> device manager —> Display adapters

ok i think i found the GPU data,
chip type:- intel® HD graphics family
DAC type:- internal
adapter string :- intel® HD graphics 530
BIOS:- intel video BIOS
total available graphics memory :- 3968 MB
dedicated video memory :- 128 MB
system video memory :- 0 mb
shared system memory :- 3840 MB

with this info any hope to speed things up?

Please also try the device manager like here:

One problem with dxdiag is that it only shows the current active GPU device but you could have a dedicated GPU.
It would be strange to have a PC with an i7 6700 and 32GB of RAM without a dGPU.

If you don’t have a dGPU than try to install the latest gpu driver for Windows 8.1:

If after that Citra still crashes when you set the Shader Emulation on GPU than it’s just a current compability problem with Intel’s OGL drivers and Citra’s code.
The only way to fix that is to wait for new Intel drivers, further Citra development or to buy a dGPU and put it on your motherboard.

Edit: Another option is and that’s very involved, is the upgrade to Windows 10 64-Bit since there are newer driver packages available than on Windows 8.1 and W8.1 didn’t got any new drivers since half a year.
You either buy a license or you try to install Windows 10 and hope that your W8.1 product key will be accepted but that’s all very complex for inexperienced users.

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