A way to use Cheat Engine for Speed Hack?

Hey guys, since the introduction of Limit Speed Percentage, I’ve yet to get the Speed Hack to work. Does anyone know how to do so?

I can play Story of Seasons at 200% speed, but the problem is that I hate the fact that if I want to change speed, I have to go into configuration and change it manually, instead of pressing one button. Instead I would rather have it at 100% speed and just use Cheat Engine to go to x2 Speed or x0.5 speed if I so desire.

And that begs me another question. Why isn’t the default 100% speed and there be a hotkey that gives it x% speed based on your preference? Like every other emulator out there O.o

Keyboard NumberPad + and - respectively increase and decrease framerate limit.

By 5%. I want to change it by 100%. Go from x1 to x2 to x0.5, depending on what I’m doing.

Like when I’m fishing, I want it at 200% until the fish shows up and down to 50% to be able to fish him up with ease.