A way to use cheats with a mac build?

I don’t have a windows computer and the emulator is working just fine for me, it’s just that the cheats function is only available for the Bleeding Edge build which isn’t available for mac and I really want to be able to use it. I would appreciate it if the devs added a way to do that.

There currently aren’t any plans to officially include the cheat feature again (that I’m aware off).
If you are a developer and want the cheat feature build your own version of Citra. See the wiki for more details.

There is also a thread about cheating with CheatEngine (which had a OSX version up until 2012).
You can probably find comparable projects for mac to get external cheat support.

Thanks for the reply. I’m definitely not able to create a custom build, so I’ll see what the other link has that I could use.