A8-3870k amd cpu

My cpu can running in citra?
AMD A8-3870.thank you.

No. You wouldn’t even get stable 30 FPS on games that run even on the lowest end CPUs.

AMD CPUs usually have terrible single-core performance, and the APU line is the worst.

If i put gc in my pc,u think ok or just change cpu.

Citra is generally CPU bound - adding a GPU generally won’t help.

Ok.minimum cpu can u suggest?

There’s no minimum requirements for Citra, but you can look through this list. The recommended score would be above 1800.

Tq for u answer sir.

Do not think about something under 2300 . it will be your life’s worst experience .
even on 4790k , getting 30 stable is so hard .

This list seems too strange . 7700k compared to 4790k is ~20-30% better in S.C.P but just 50 units ?!
Cant even imagine how under 2000 looks like …

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