Abnormal transparent TOTK textures triggered by...AMD's Adrenaline software? Multiple graphics cards/instances to report

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom emu’d quite well on my old graphics card, an XFX RX 5600 XT, so I upgraded to a used XFX 6700 XT. It worked great, but introduced weird transparencies in-game that sort of ruin the experience, and also it turned out not to work on my Intel Mac Bootcamp platform (Apple chose not to engineer support for the newer Navi 22 gpus, but Navi 21 was still good), so I sent it back.

I purchased a brand new XFX 6800 XT (Navi 21) from Newegg (cus they’re great), and Tears of the Kingdom worked quite well (felt like my loyalty to XFX remained well placed). Then, while tinkering with AMD’s Adrenaline software to potentially undervolt the thing, to better match my (slightly) underpowered PSU & actual 1080p/high fps performance needs, the new gpu got clonked back to this odd and identical transparency glitch scenario, same as with the 6700 XT.

Anyone seen anything like that in Tears of the Kingdom? The issue doesn’t affect game performance particularly, and with respect to the programmers of Yuzu, it’s the first graphics flaw I’ve noticed in the 200+ hours I’ve been playing that impacts gameplay. Just hoping someone else has had a similar experience.

If I had to, I’d guess the firmware on the card got flashed by AMD’s Adrenaline software, but I know very little about flashing firmware. Maybe someone knows about versions of Radeon firmware, and whether it’s possible to revert?

EXAMPLE: If you stand above the alliance citadel at the beginning of the game, you can see right down into the bunker - the citadel pavement is transparent. Also trees that are beyond the horizon often render in odd colors, and are visible through the ground in the distance.


Oh brother, talk about working out my problems on an empty forum. I used Windows 10 Device Manager to revert to previous graphics card driver, and that did it. Thanks everyone (I mean no one eyeroll) for helping me fix my problem!! I still appreciate those post views; Don’t think I didn’t notice. Have fun emu’ing peace out.

As an aside, for anyone who’s curious about the different performance levels with TOTK/Yuzu across cards, I would say the marked difference is with the 6800 XT. Framerates are still a bit slow (and that may also be a consequence of my older gen CPU), but all the premium effects (water, light, etc.) are really quite good now. You get what you pay for. Go AMD!