About citra for android

First of time sachinvin make the app and it’s really good at running in lollipop and need a sd400~8xx CPU’s and support a powerVR gpu and up the project have been cancelled(i don’t know why)
But Recently unofficial citra emulator has been published by a Chinese guy but the app is force or drive us to buy a new expensive devices
*external buffer storage
*minimumtargetsdk(api) is 24(nouga)
*locked app (so you can’t modify it)
*only high-tech-end snapdragon CPU’s with latest GPU’s drivers
And more
Please citra team can you targeting the emulator to work in medium devices or low one
I need more info about the citra.apk & glad to help testing it every new version release
Sorry if i made false sentences😂

Hello, we don’t provide support for any unofficial Android builds. Most unofficial builds contain various hacks, and unfinished code that affect the accuracy of their emulation.

To answer your question, we are working on Citra for Android, but the 3DS requires a more powerful device to run well. We will initially be targeting these more powerful devices, but after more optimization we’d love to see Citra working on a larger number of devices.

We will have more information available when we’re ready to release that you can read about in a blog post on our website.

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Thankyou so much for your kindness

May we know how powerful the devices needs? Currently I’ve got Xperia XZ2 premium which is running Snapdragon 845, will it be powerful enough?

Yeah sd8xx series with a good gpu’s as adreno6xx and up or tegra 4 or X(with latest drivers + support of openGL 3.x)