About Citra Requirements

Where can I find the requirements?

You should read this https://citra-emu.org/wikis/faq, before posting.

So, just because it is an open source it does not have any kinda requirements? I mean it does say that supports a GLv3.3 that depends on your processor, but what kinda requirement for this CPU is that?

The requirements depend on what game you’re trying to emulate.

Oh, so it is not from emulator itself?

You’re not familiar with emulation, right ? I’ll give you one example for another system: if you try to emulate God Hand (a simple action game) on PCSX2, the game will run with no performance problems on most systems (as the game don’t use many resources to run at all). But if you try to run Shadow of the Colossus in the same emulator, you will need a much more stronger system (because the game itself will need much more video memory, RAM and CPU time), this is the same for every emulator.

We can’t state a specific value for the requirements for Citra because it’s not even done yet, lot’s of code will be changed and the specs needed will change as well. This is why we only say in the FAQs the very basic hardware you need to OPEN and USE the emulator, anything else would be speculation now.

No, i am not that much familiar.So, the values of the game depends on how much requirements your pc-laptop has in order to work properly in citra? and if the emulator is perfected it will happen the exact opposite of this? I mean, citra will be able to run depending on your requirements?

I think you are missing the point. An emulator uses your existing hardware to try and run the game at full speed. Like lg_0 said, trying to run a game that was known to cause heavy usage of the 3DS hardware will use more resources then a simple 2D game might. Take games like Super Smash Bros for instance. There are other reasons this game runs slow, but even in a perfect emulation environment, that game would use a lot of resources to run. I don’t know any low end 3DS games right off hand, so I can’t give you a good example.

Depends on the game, for example alpha sapphire runs pretty good on my PC (60fps), but Pokemon Sun not always (30-60FPS outside, 30-60 in battles, 15 fps or less in double+ battles)

OK, I get it. Thanks.

OK, Mines runs at 30-40 outside of battles. Some specific spots lowers down to kinda 25fps. Inside of battles runs at 50-60 fps and when you pick different items drops down to 15 fps and the same 15fps goes when you join the triple battles and the 20fps I think goes in double battles

It may gets a little buggy very often, but it is like I can play this like playing in a clearly 50-60fps. Kinda suitable

it is pretty playable, i end Pokemon Sun already, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire i’m playing it now, but it seems some of weird since it has, literally, 0 particles

This is because the latest bleeding edge / nightly build doesn’t have GS refactoring. Bleeding Edge build 86 or lower has it.

Thanks, really, that did the trick, it seems i have less fps but atleast i can see the skill animations and everything