About Pokemon mystery gitst/serial codes in citra

Anyone know where to put serial codes in citra or how to insert mystergifts??

You could use Pkhex to edit them into the game.


try using local wireless with other players.

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You can obtain Magearna by QR Code, you can get the QR here, Mistery Gifts you can use PKHex, after you load you save file you can get the Gifts by two ways, first you go to: Tools>Data>Mystery Gift Database; set like mine, Format: [==] [.wc7] (If you want a generation 6 gift or other you change [.wc7] for other, IDK if you can save the gift and load to another generation for the Gen7) and click “Search!”, and right click on the Pokémon you want, you can just “Set” the Pokémon and past to some box slot, or save the Pokémon to .wc7 file and import him, .wc7 is for gen7, I don’t tested if you can save a “.wc6” and use in gen 7. For import you need to go the “Mistery Gift” button in home screen, and just click “import” and select the Gif you have saved before, open your game and your gift will be in the game for you get, probaly in a NPC on PokéCenter.
When you end, you need to export you save, in “File>Export SAV>Export main”, I recommend you be a backup of you save. I hope help you :purple_heart:

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