Accurate Audio Emulation is Here!

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In addition to the mentioned games which have been tested and proved to have been improved in some way, these games may well have also seen some improvement even if we couldn’t test all of them directly.

  • Art Academy - Lessons for Everyone
  • Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ - Now goes in game without crashing!
  • Cursed Castilla EX - Improves from won’t boot, to audio with no graphics at intro/menu
  • Fire Emblem Fates - Potentially fixes all the random support and levelup hangs further into the games
  • Lego City Undercover - The Chase Begins - Fix’d and now runs.
  • Lego Star Wars - The Force Awakens
  • Picross 3D - Round 2 - Now goes in-level without crashing, though the game has other issues.
  • Pokemon Sun/Moon - Happy Pokemon sounds will now be pitched correctly.
  • Rhythm Heaven Megamix - now goes ingame
  • Taiko no Tatsujin - Chibi Dragon
  • Tales of the Abyss - Now moves past the intro, instead of not booting, but still suffers significant graphical defects.
  • Tomodachi Life - Has now fixed audio bugs related to spoken dialogue.
  • Ultimate NES Remix - NES games now feature sound

And Many More! This change is so sweeping it affects a lot of things in very small ways that could improve many more titles then these.


Still the same problem continous.

Yeap, it’s finally working :grinning: Tested on Canary Build - 8508082.

It’s a shame that it’s so laggy right now, but this is a great accomplishment regardless. Things can only go uphill from now on.

Yep its finally working…normally at the start of each pokemon game there will be an audio at the title layout which did not appear in HLE(fast) audio format.
i am thankful for the developers for the impovemnt on the game booting with audio …now the challenge is to make it faster with atleast 15 fps which will be better playing mode.

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Well, as I’ve testing, changing audio mode from Surround (Citra has this one as default) to Mono, the frame rate will be now a little faster (in my case it’s okay to play the game as the development for the emulator gets better for Pokémon Y and another games :slight_smile: ).

From myself, thanks a lot to the people involved on getting for real this so awaited undertaking for this emulator :+1:


Is this only available for Windows computers? I’ve tried updating and then deleting & re-downloading Citra Nightly & Canary onto my Mac and going into the Audio Configuration tab and the Emulation option isn’t there in either version, just Output Engine, Audio Device, & Volume.

Running Pokemon X at 5 FPS and 15% Speed on my PC (i5 7400, GTX 1050, 8GB RAM.

Still pretty bad tho’, I hope there will be major improvements soon.

Thanks for the hard work.

Hmm has anyone tried running citra with hle after you reached the first save point? I tried changing and moving around the character which works fine but have not progressed the game yet. So if anyone has tried with hle audio pls reply thx

its only available on canary version

Hi downloaded the new canary version but I am still getting the black screen after you put in name and try too play and still no sound Pokémon x citra website says Pokémon x should work what am doing wrong please help

hey bro, make sure you have downloaded the canary build and not the nightly
if you are sure, go to emulation tab and click on configuration, go for this path system/audio/emulation and change HLE FAST for LLE (accurate)
Remember if you select the two versions on the installer they will make two folders one for the nightly and another for the canary, if you open the canary folder you not be able to select the LLE

sorry for my french english

Well, finally HLE gets playable Pokémon XY! :smiley:

BTW, someone could please publish the whole list of games with audio issues simmilar to those games?

Thanks a lot, Citra dev team!!! :smile:

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I have the Canary build but it won’t let me change the Audio to LLE. It’s permanently stuck at HLE Fast and keeps black screening immediately after choosing my name/appearance.

Help? Literally nothing this post tells me helps in the slightest.

did you update to 1129 build of Canary builds and install the AAC files to make it work with hle if your using Windows.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix’s cues go off sync

fire emblem echoes voices are a bit high pitched using the hle with dlls method. anyone have an idea to fix this? note that the rest of the sound including music and menu sounds are normal.

i also get the feeling that the voice lines are too a bit too quick. this may be related

try with ‘Audio stretching’ checked/unchecked.