Accurate Audio Emulation is Here!


thanks for the suggestion, that did not seem to resolve the issue


Waiting for save state


Hey guys I’m glad pokemon x/y is working now completely I can get past the black screen and play the game, my issue however is there is no background music! I tried fixing this with just YouTube sound tracks but it still feels bad. Anyone know if it’s possible to fix your background music from being muted and only hearing sound effects?


the new audio code is still in development. due to patent restrictions, we can’t ship a decoder for music in x/y which leaves 2 solutions. the first is you can follow this guide to download a decoder and we have citra ready to use that. the second is you can just wait until citra adds support for using the native windows decoder, at which point it’ll “just work” with no additional installation.


I tried using the latest canary for macOs to test Fire Emblem Echoes with HLE but it freezes once I try to talk to someone. I have included log below.citra_log.txt (48.3 KB)


have you properly added the dll files as described in the link jroweboy posted and restart citra? i have done so and have no issues with the game aside from high pitched voice lines


I’m on macOS and it says it isn’t required


well, i cant read… sorry


@Aaron_Eveland_Severe yes, I built from cmd with (commit version master-9224b4c)


Thanks your link helped me fix it! Cheers


This fix was all my canary build needed. Pokemon Y running at smooth 30fps, good audio with rare very small lag at large new renders but that’s it. It also got Pokemon moon (previously around 15fps) running at the same smooth 30s area with the hardware graphics rendering turned on. Crazy. And I’ve got 2x resolution as well. Congrats devs and thanks for your hard work as well!

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Thanks jroweboy, using that decoder has made Pokémon X/Y perfectly playable at stable FPS now. The audio makes some static / crackling noises pretty frequently but it’s not too much of a hindrance.


Just downloaded the latest Canary build, followed the instructions and started playing Pokemon X.

Holy shit. 30 FPS. Great.

However, I always encounter graphical glitches like black cheeks.

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This is amazing, with the decoder Pokemon X/Y works perfectly, great job guys. As soon as I start working again you got another Patreon supporter, you deserve it.


I got pokemon X patched 1.5 and it’s compatibility says bad,while pokemon Y is unpatched and the compatibility says Okay, what is the diference? Does Citra fix the problems itself and it finds the patched one as a conflict or something?
Also i can’t start a game with citra while using my Nvidia graphic card,the game is showing as running with the sound but nothing else,while if i’m using my integrated graphic card it works.Obviously i want it to work it Nvidia,is there any fix?


this is something that affected me a few years ago. i just downgraded my graphics drivers until they released a new driver that fixed it.


Is animal crossing: new leaf working?


according to this it’s working


I cant find the LLE audio configuration in the systems>audio, i need to install something in order to acess this configuration?

Also i was searching for new updates and there wasn’t a new


That feature is only available on canary builds.