Accurate Audio Emulation is Here!


i just finished updating my citra today. and suddenly pokemon x just didnt continue after the “how to catch a pokemon” tutorial. please fix it.


After updating to citra canary 1155, using the HLE(fast), some sound didnt came. Example, during a pokemon move or when entering to another place. Is it only me? But good job for the LLE👍


Try canary build 1156 and copy HLE AAC codec


Hey guys new here how do i get the games to work on my computer?
I saw stuff was improved so i tried giving it another shot but nothing seems to have changed for me running Pokemon Sun compared to last year. I get 1 frame per second and hampering audio on the start screen.
Is my computer simply too old? Its an I7 from 2010. (to be clear i tried both nightly and canary)
I was trying to find this LLE in audio but i cant even find that option there is just HLE.
Am i supposed to do something to get that to work now??
I tried turning on hardware rendering but that simply crashed the citra. I also dont know what options to turn on and off for best performance?


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