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i just finished updating my citra today. and suddenly pokemon x just didnt continue after the “how to catch a pokemon” tutorial. please fix it.


After updating to citra canary 1155, using the HLE(fast), some sound didnt came. Example, during a pokemon move or when entering to another place. Is it only me? But good job for the LLE👍


Try canary build 1156 and copy HLE AAC codec


Hey guys new here how do i get the games to work on my computer?
I saw stuff was improved so i tried giving it another shot but nothing seems to have changed for me running Pokemon Sun compared to last year. I get 1 frame per second and hampering audio on the start screen.
Is my computer simply too old? Its an I7 from 2010. (to be clear i tried both nightly and canary)
I was trying to find this LLE in audio but i cant even find that option there is just HLE.
Am i supposed to do something to get that to work now??
I tried turning on hardware rendering but that simply crashed the citra. I also dont know what options to turn on and off for best performance?


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Hello Peter,

Just finish Pokemon Y and Ultra Sun with Citra’s upgrade version so I think I can help to answer your question. To make thing clear: Citra Nightly version is likely official version which is carefully tested and Citra Canary version is for testing new features. Recently, they have developed LLE Audio which can help us pass through idle screen after few dialogue introduction in some games. And it is testing on Citra Canary version only!

So in order to play those games, you need to download the newest update for Citra Canary. Open it and then change your Audio Option to LLE. Play the game with the worst FPS ('cause it’s still in developing). When you pass through the idle screen, save the game and then change your audio back to HLE and enjoy the game to the end with better FPS which depend on your current PC ability. However, some sound in game will be lack off but for me, it’s OK. For some games, your Emulation Configure in tab Graphic should be use Hardware Render or enable Shader JIT. But it can modify during playing games so give it a try until you find the best option for your PC.

I have done some game with this trick. Soooooo hope it help.


finall citra is running Pokemon X thank you a lot for this
the only problem is the average rate of FPS (4-5 fps max) hope u luck getting this problem solved
am really rooting for you all
luv :slight_smile:


Use the latest version of canary, you can use HLE the whole time and with all audio effects in place as well.


thank u am doing that already . i only played the game until the end of the first battle with shauna then switched back to HLE


Thank @jroweboy ,

New update make HLE audio can pass idle screen now. I’m just try FE Echoes and surprise. LOL. However, the audio is still like “skipping”, too fast but the animation when fighting is OK now.


Pokémon Y at 5 FPS and 12% speed on my pc (Intel Core i5 7th gen, NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050, 12GB RAM)


Guys,I’m having an issue while playing pokemon x/y.During cutscenes,the background goes black and also there are black rectangular spots on the male character’s face.Has a solution been found out to this problem and if not,will this problem be fixed by the Citra team anytime soon?I’d really appreciate a solution or fix to this soon.Thanks and looking forward to an answer. :smiley:
If it were not for these two issues,i would had no other complaints as these issues take away the gaming experience that i want to enjoy. But I must say I am really grateful to Citra for everything they’ve done so far.After all my years of waiting,i’m finally able to make my dream come true being able to play pokemon x/y on pc and I want to give Citra my heartiest thanks for that.


switch back to HLE. it works in HLE now and is full speed.


It says that the cutscenes in Detective Pikachu run at normal speed now, but I’m still experiencing sped up FMVs on the latest Canary build. Did it mean the FMVs or regular in-game scenes? I never had a problem with the in-game scenes on the Nightly build.


Pokémon Yellow,Red and Blue it has perfect sound but runs at 76-81% speed


Running Stable 30FPS Pokemon X!!! yoshhhh!!!


I tried building citra on fedora 29. I get sound(character moving around, pressing A button etc.) but no audio with pokemon x.


Unfortunately, the HLE audio fix that got Pokemon X working, doesn’t function on Linux distributions. But rest assured, we are working on bringing it there soon.


I see. Thanks. Is there a place can I track the progress?


@ForestMasterLord, I apologize. It seems I was misinformed about this topic.

For Linux users to make use of Citra’s HLE (fast) audio, they’d have to manually compile it themselves. Follow instructions here. (The instructions have been updated recently)