Accurate movements with analog stick (xinput)

I’m playing games with a gamepad and it works fine. Well, in most cases.
I noticed that no matter how subtle I move my stick, the end result in a game is not that subte at all. I’m not good with english so here’s the illustration:

There total 8 directions that I can walk (aim) which sometimes isn’t enough.
So, is there any way to increase accuracy?

which game specifically? remember that some games only “snap” to degrees when turning a character, for instance SM3DL (i’m not 100 % sure)

Both Zelda remakes and Samus Returns. But it’s the latter that made me think that controls are not what they supposed to be.

oh right i forgot, you have to set your analog sticks using the “Set Analog Stick” Option right below analog controls

Problem solved. It turns out I’ve done a bad job calibrating my stick in Citra . After doing it again, my aiming in Samus Returns became MUCH better.