ACNL - Dream Suite

I play to Animal Crossing New Leaf, since a few years but since I have begining on Citra I can not seem to get Dream Suite,
I know the condition :

  • Already have finish public works since a week
  • Already have use online service

But for the online service none works (Because we don’t have access to Nitendo server).
So, do you know how unlock the Dream Suite on Citra?

Tanks you.

The only option you would have would be to edit a savefile to add it, assuming an editor exists. I don’t know of one. Or, obtain it on your actual 3ds, and then dump the savefile back to your pc for Citra. We don’t support online connections, and may well never support them.

im pretty sure you need to catch isabelle sleeping or smth to unlock the public works project for it.
and then once you have it built, you cant exactly use it.
i mean.
you cant use it.
but it’ll be there.

Ok thanks for yours answer.