Add audio level option

Hi! I think it would be very useful to add an audio level option to Citra (I always have to fix it when I start play).

Bye! :slight_smile:

Audio level meaning…?
If you’re talking about volume, Windows already has a built-in per-application mixer.

This is one of those small features that I would like as well, but not everyone has the same opinion as me. I think it was discussed once before, and it was kinda split 50 50, so no one has tried adding it yet. It shouldn’t be hard though if you want to learn a little programming, give it a shot.

I still think this is a thing the OS should be responsible for.
Adding another volume slider to Citra could be very confusing.

The only situation where I’d find it acceptable is if the 3DS games themselves can also read the current status of the hardware system slider / volume wheel (does it have one even? I forgot lol).

Yes, the 3DS hardware has a volume slider.

Some games have individual volume menus in-game themselves (pic related:The Legend of the Dark Witch 2 audio options menu), but I agree that the OS already works for this (in Citra, you would have to go “Emulation/Configure/Audio” and then change the value… when on Windows, for example, you just bring up the mixer and change the volume for Citra directly).

I think it would be nice to add such a feature (the 3DS has a volume slider, so in many games you can’t set it), but I don’t know if it’s hard to do it (I ask because maybe someone else has already tried).

I’ll take a look to the code :wink:

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I’ve edited the code and made the pull request to Citra bleeding edge (it’s been easier than I thought :grin:).

Thanks for the contribution, but bleeding edge isn’t where you put the code changes. Fork the main citra repo, and make your pull request there. If the developers decide that they want it in the next bleeding edge build, then they will tag it as “pr:bleeding-edge-merge” and it’ll be in the next build.

You’ll want to take a look at our contribution guidelines.