Adding more info for Settings/3ds Parallax emulation for non-3d screens

Can we add more information for the settings in Citra? For example, what is that Stereoscopic 3d setting for, how do I use it?
Some of the settings are self-explanatory if you know about such things. But I more info on what a certain setting does and how it would affect overall experience would be nice

Currently, some of the graphics options do have tooltips. Tooltips for other settings is something that has been discussed before, you can make an issue for it if you want.

Not an issue as much as ’ok, this is here. What can I do with it?’

My overall goal was to understand, what the heck is that Stereoscopic 3d function for aside from duplicating the screen and making it look weird

It is a bit of a user experience issue.

Ah I thought that was just an example. I forget how that option is supposed to be used.

Well, I wanted to make a post that both helped me and could help others too. But as far as I’ve been able to experiment. If you turn it on and cross your eyes. It creates an inverse 3d effect. So like, why is that in there. Clearly, it shows that the 3d part is a possibility. Now how do I take advantage of it?

You need to have a 3D TV that can make use of the 2 framebuffers & mix them to create a 3D effect. The Stereoscopic 3D setting controls the ‘amount’ of 3D effect.

that’s all dandy, but how many people have a 3D TV? there isn’t any enough media for a legit reason to purchase one. How many shows have you seen that were made for a 3D TV.

Look, while I am happy that the devs thought to take advantage and put this in. For common use and the fact that only the 3ds, 3D TVs and maybe a few obscure PCs and Monitors could use this. I feel there is a better way to do this for the common user. while at the time of writing/posting i don’t know exactly, i am sure there is a way.

Quite a few.

I don’t know of one. Feel free to share if you do.

so we know that the 3ds created a parallax barrior for the 3ds effect. what if Citra simulates the barrior? i know that to do it properly would take real hardware. but if we can simulate the parallax, it could workparalex%203ds

by having citra shut off the selected pixels, or create some kind of translucent overlay video for the top screen

Do you think we can provide separate images for your two eyes? :thinking:

That is not possible without compatible hardware.

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Turn on the stereoscopic 3ds function then cross your eyes. It is possible, just difficult on hardware not specifically designed to support 3d

Anaglyph mode would be pretty cool, those 3d glasses are pretty cheap to come by.

Are you referring to the Blue Red lenses?
While a good idea, because it depends on those two colors, lots of the graphics and visual experience would be lost. At least the parts that got the 3ds’ it signature feature.

Wait! I just remembered, newer 3d movies and their glasses emulate a parallax effect. One lens does horizontal and the other does vertically. But , shit, that still needs two separate video displays because the screen would be producing all the pixels in a single frame.

Wait! Another idea! Ok, so the Google Cardboard and other VR devices manipulated the image in the same way. They just take advantage of the convex lenses the VR headsets have. If there could be a way to output the top screen to a VR live video source… That could provide a relatively cheap option. The other issue would be the bottom touch screen. As the player would probably need to take off the headset to manipulate it.

Holy shit! I just took a screen shot of the main screen for Super Mario 3D Land with that 3d effect on, sent it to my Google photos and used my Google Cardboard Kit to see if it created the 3ds. I WAS RIGHT!!! It near perfectly created the 3d effect!

for those with the Blue-Red lenses.
still working on adding the metadata for VR

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update. VR doesnt work as Google Expects a 360 VR and i dont know how to explain that thats not the case

Ok. no VR headset will see this as a VR video, but because of the way the VR headsets are setup, it will display properly. I am sorry for the low quality, but for a quick test, its all that was necessary

Crush 3D Stereoscopic 3d ( set to 100%)