All My Save Files Suddenly Seems To Be Reseted

So, I Have Been Playing Pokemon Citra Games For An Long Time and I always save my file when I leave mainly Pokemon Ultra Sun which I have grinded for 4 months. Since then, I haven’t played for almost 1 month. And when I came back to play Pokemon Ultra Sun for whatever reason The “Select Your Language” popped up although I was confused so I tried to restart Citra and the Language Part kept popping up. So I tried to play Pokemon Omega Ruby and The “Select Your New Game” Popped up.
And I also tried to Restart Citra But Nothing Worked Out.
It just suddenly happened now.

And Also I’m Using Android 11 Phone Unlike Others that use PC/Laptop.

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Sadly It didn’t work :frowning_face:
Besides I already accepted the reset and just move on to new save since I don’t think I’ll get my long save file back…
Besides I checked the “main” file and TRANSFERED to another device and the Select your Language Part pops up so yea ig all my save files have been erased for no reason even tho I haven’t played for 1 month.

And I can assure you I didn’t do any reset or anything.
It automatically got reseted :neutral_face: