Alpha sapphire pokemon

in pokemon alpha sapphire is it better to have animations in-game or run smoothly. or will it still run as good with the build that allows animations

I’m not to savy about this stuff

Considering the newer builds without the GS rendering are more optimized (And naturally not having to render the effects in itself is probably also a speedup in itself), I’d guess the non GS (GS is the branch that allows for certain particle rendering.) builds, AKA the latest builds, are faster. But, a lot of questions about performance are best answered by just testing it yourself.

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ok, thank you for the response

I just started up alpha sapphire and in the configuration I cant enable v-sync which supposedly makes it not go over 60fps it is grayed out and unclickable so my game is going very fast

By the screenshot you provided, it seems that you are using a modified (unofficial) build.

Only download the official builds from Citra’s website.

P.S. I see that this build doesn’t even have “Limit framerate” option, if you download Citra’s latest Bleeding Edge build, disable V-Sync and enable Limit Framerate.

a youtube video said it was better for running pokemon

and I couldn’t find a way to actually download it from the site. not even joking

so would the newer builds run the game a lot better

This is not a chat, stop posting lots os individual replies. Write everything you want to say in one post and way until someone answer you. If you have to, just edit one of the posts you already made.

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Don’t trust YouTube videos of Citra. They speed up the gameplay post-editing. And your first step is to watch the date of the video posted. This build that you are using is from around July of 2016, which is really old.

Seriously… ? and press the Windows logo on the latest Bleeding Edge build.

Yes. You always would want the newest builds for more features and more performance. Except this game uses Geometry Shaders, which means you can download Bleeding Edge build 86 and get animations, but the speed is lower. Or you can download the latest build with no animations and higher speed.

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will the animations slow down the game only in battles or all around, and if only in battle does the bleed edge build have the same speed outside of a battle as the game without animations. if you have even played both builds before

It’s depending on your CPU. For me, it’s 60 fps in cities/routes/indoors, except for Rustboro and Slateport at 45 fps.
Also, GS is self-explanatory. If you use animations, the game will slow down more often.

would the most recent nightly build be the normal

Yeah. Grab the latest Nightly build and post the results.

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We need your log file to see what’s wrong then.

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citra_log.txt (85.8 KB)