AMD hack for intel hd graphics

I’ve seen so much topics on this forum about amd hack being needed for intel hd graphics users to run something that freezes (just search for “amd hack” on the forum and you’ll see), but still can hear sounds, and stuffs like that
why not simply add an option on the menu “force amd hack” in future updates? so hd graphics users can play games that need it but in newer versions of Citra (that can be useful for multiplayer things and just for being up to date.)

This only applies in very old and specific hardware. We don’t even know if it’s relevant in your case. If you’re experiencing issues with Citra, please create a support topic with the template filled in so that we can attempt to assist you properly.

thanks for the response, but i am having the same issues that the people that you can see when you search for “amd hack” in the forum
here is an example [MHXX Stuck At Now Loading Screen]

Like I said before, without a proper support topic post, we don’t know about your hardware or whether or not it applies to you. For example, users with an Intel HD 4000 iGPU can run just fine on Nightly 1392, but sometimes not on Nightly 1393+. As for your suggestion about adding a ‘‘force amd hack’’ toggle, I have no idea if something like that is possible, but I have to assume that there’s a reason that it was depreciated for Intel iGPUs in the first place.