AMD Radeon FSR comes out

lately AMD FSR is come, this feature will be increase FPS more for sure, unlike DLSS from NVIDIA, this feature is open source, did yuzu team will be try to implement this FSR system to yuzu early access at VULKAN mode?

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So you want to reduce the resolution of Switch games even more.

Its use is limited, we’re not GPU bound most of the time. Still, it should work via ReShade or as per game mods.
It can’t be applied globally since it’s deployment requires intervention from the game developer.

ah i see…
well i’m just wondering arround, since it’s can helping more for u know, likes APU n iGPU from intel aswell, or the low end n mid end gpu, since upscaling fsr can be combine with image sharpening for not making it “quality reduce so much?” well idk
but im forgot it’s needed with the dev game support as well
so the option priority is optimizing at vulkan for increasing radeon performance.
but texture decode n cache garbage collection disable framlimit is great
it’s increasing alot, n yeah xenoblade 1 n 2 is playable now even the grass texture still glitching but it’s superb improvement thanks a lot yuzu team :smile:

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I suspect just the sharpening filter while in undocked mode will be less taxing on the GPU that FSR, but time will tell, requires testing.

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