Amiibo not working with Yuzu Error code: 2115-0144 (0x00012073)

When I try to use any amiibo in ACNH I get the following message

Error code: 2115-0144 (0x00012073)
Please try again or contact the developer of the software.

I have been able a couple of times weeks ago to use amiibo
but no longer
Been updating Yuzu every day. Currently using 1203

OS Win 10
Geforce GTX 970

Any help will be appreciated

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

Quickstart Guide - yuzu dump your amiibo keys from your console using Lockpick and apply it to the same directory as the yuzu keys folder.

I have 3 files in my keys folder

yes. You need to go on your console and use the option in Lockpick to also dump your amiibo keys.

Do you mean to get rid of what is there and start over?

No. You go to CFW on your console and use Lockpick to dump amiibo keys. The guide will be updated eventually to show you where to go. But it is something you are expected to dump and apply to the yuzu keys directory.

Oh yes
I did that
this is what is in the Yuzu folder on my desktop


completely unrelated to amiibo keys. Those are just title and prod keys for your games…

The option to dump amiibo keys is in the main menu of Lockpick. So again please go to your console and dump this to fix issues related to amiibo’s.

oh okay i see what you mean now

Okay I did all that but it was exactly the same thing
So I looked for an earlier version of Yuzu and found 1173
I tried it and the amiibo works very well.
so I am going to use 1173 whenever i need to use an amiibo from now on until
whatever the problem is gets fixed.

It’s not a problem that will get fixed. It’s a new requirement for you to satisfy by dumping things properly from your console. (the only reason it barely works on earlier version is because you’re using the old janky way for amiibo that Narr had made for us here. Now we use his new things)

Oh okay yeah it is janky. Seems ready to crash actually.
makes me worry i will lose my saves.
Thanks for your help

npnp. It shouldn’t freak out your saves but if you have any doubts regarding that then backups can be worthwhile. You can right click game open save location and backup what you see to an archive & keep archive somewhere else for later usage.

hey what did you did to fix this? :frowning:

Answered in your issue.