Analysis of the impact of NVIDIA drivers on YUZU

My graphics card 960GTX tested the 512.95 516.59 516.94 driver found that the 516 driver performance increased by 2% YUZU but the official said that 516.59 has a BUG problem It is recommended to use the 516.94 driver but my graphics card These three drivers are fully functional

I suggest that you can keep the 512.95 driver package and try to upgrade to the 516.94 driver YUZU boost by 2%

I don’t have an AMD graphics PC and I want someone with an AMD graphics card to test the AMD graphics driver differences

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

There are two issues discovered with the 516 series. One is stability and stuttering problems caused by some yet undiscovered change in the ASTC decoding compute shader, we plan to bypass this issue by switching to using the CPU for ASTC decoding, this time multithreaded.

The other issue is shadow flickering in trees in games developed by KOEI, for example Age of Calamity. There is no workaround for this one yet.

So it’s safe to use the 516 series if you disable ASTC decoding for the time being, and you don’t plan to run KOEI games.

Thanks for your reminder that some of the games tested KOEI games are indeed the same as you said, but not all KOEI games will have problems

I hope to be able to discuss the issue of driving with you further

Regarding the ASTC decoding problem, it seems that only the ASTRAL CHAIN is ASTC decoded, but my graphics card performance is insufficient and cannot be tested

Astral Chain uses ASTC textures for the whole game, but many other games, most I would say, use ASTC textures to some degree. For example as maps or logos. That’s enough workload to make Pascal and Maxwell hardware crash, and cause Ampere and Turing some stuttering.

Oddly enough, I haven’t had an ASTC stutter or crash at the moment

If you say that most games have ASTC decoding should have stuttering or crashing but I have no problem crashing like crashing game 512.95

I think it depends on the games you play as well. 516.94 still crashes for me on Smash Bros’ Spirit Mode, I’m using a GTX 970.

Indeed it does depend on game. If you have an extensive library you’ll notice it much more. As well the change to help adventure mode - world of light is only in early access at the moment (in case you were trying it on mainline it still has issue there)

Yes for YUZU stabilization I returned the 512.95 driver

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