(android) Corrupt files remains after reinstall yuzu

Ayn odin 2 max snapdragon, qualcomm 8gen2 kryo64 / 16go lpddr5x

Hello ladies and gentlemen, here’s my problem:

I first installed yuzu premium (yellow icon), everything works great except 2 games, “dragon ball fighterZ”, and “the king of fighters 13”.
Both loads fine, but for “dbfz”, when you reach the characters selection, screen flickers and glitches, then the battle starts and nothing apears, nothings show except life bars, or few stuffs like timer, etc.
And for “kof 13”, the same, starts well, except for few little gitches at the very start when it presents the dev team, and the title “kof13”, the image seems doubled but with missing parts, anyway… it works great in the menus, till you run a fight… when the battle starts, it show the characters but the background doesnt show, its like at start, at the dev and title presentation, the background looks like crypted, or sometime when you run interlaced video settingsbut it doesnt match.

So its a pb, but not really mine, which is the following:
After that i installed yuzu “20240107-d86d37ea5.apk” from the official site, its the non premium version (blue icon).
And surprisingly everything works perfectly, both games i just talked about right above too! so i was very happy!
But after few time playing, after i updated the game, i played normaly then the game crashed, along with yuzu if i remember well, and when i relaunched yuzu and “dragon ball fighterz” the previous bug was here, the same one as in the premium / yellow icon version.

So i uninstalled yuzu (blue icon), reinstalled it, and i was sure everything will be fine, like as it was the first time i installed it, without bug, but i was wrong.
So i supose when yuzu crashed it has brken sth, which a reinstall doesnt fix and i would like to know what…

Thank you guys, by advance.

yuzu_log.txt (572.8 KB)

Yuzu log (debug ‘slow’) 31 MB

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

FInaly It was me who missunderstood, delet this if you can, thx