Android - Pokemon lags and few other errors

Issue: Often lags (especially across the river near the pokemon care/breed place), one time graphical glitches where it will show pokemon center picture in blue as transition everytime you enter a room (everywhere, however it might already gone now that i have reopen the emulator for the latest, lags and colors error log) also have color error as in picture below (haunter missing eye, invincible, but i couldn’t find any for the log).

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The graphical issues, particularly partaining to the colours are already known.

The performance issues you’re describing are likely due to CRO loading that Pokemon games love to do. This happens on pretty much every transition in pokemon games, as well as every “cell”, where we have to unload and load the 3DS’ equivelent of a .dll → which also gets reJITed every time. So that causes slowdowns, even on the desktop version. Though its less noticeable there due to the higher overal processing power. So there unfortunately isn’t much that we can do about this for now. You’ll need to wait for emulator improvements. Sorry for the inconvenience.