Android progress reports

Is there any progress of android emulator.You don’t even tell us .Tell something of the progress of android emulator.the unofficial build is there but we want official built.Tell something?

If we think it’s important we’ll make an announcement.


Is the progress is still going on.The developer are working for citras android official version or not .Generally asking?

Lol why do you keep asking,man? Just use a pc. Waise bhi agar acha pc nahi hai to ye sab apke level ki cheez nahi hai. jake pubg mobile khelo, citra forum spam karne se kuch bhi nahi milega.

Why you are bothering us .You don’t know to create then keep quite.We just want to know because the Citra unofficial port is closed In 6 months no response so I was also hoping that Citra official is also no response to us so gently getting updates on Citra android official.AND WE DON’T WANT TO SPAM.