Android upgrade

Android is upgrading day by day as you see there are many upgrades related to android like pubg fortnite Damon PS2 drastic etc .This are the pc games.At least make a effort to create a citra emulator .We will not bothered if it will run with 2fps at least we will be sure that the progress is going on.

The PC version still has some issues they want to fix. Don’t think Citra will port to Android any time soon or if it will be ported.

Oh really? That’s not what most people think, I can assure you that.

I’ve already posted a detailed answer to your previous post. Please don’t bring up the same topic repeatedly, as that’s considered spamming.

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So here’s how Citra works. You want something? Do it yourself and submit the code. The End.

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Please keep this topic civil, thanks.

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Not exactly, but again, Citra is an open source project. You want something? You have 2 options:

  1. Wait for someone to implement it.
  2. Implement of yourself & submit the code.

If you choose option 1, then don’t bug developers. That’s really irritating & reduces their motivation.

Now the citra emulator has been released and it’s working at 22 fps GREAT!

Most people already know that. Thanks for spreading the word.