Animal Crossing : New Leaf - report from a lowend computer

Hello, first of all, i’m sorry if I failed the category, i’m not sure where to put it, so, feel free to move it in it’s proper spot.

here is my report:

speed: averaging 82-100%, with occasional drops to 60-70%, slowdowns didn’t last longer than a few seconds, in my case
game FPS: 45-60FPS
frame: 3.20ms - ~7ms

other than some ignorable sound glitches, and some slowdowns, there are no major game breaking artifacts. during my one hour test-playing i came to conclusion that the game is fairly playable, and the game runs well enough for enjoyable gameplay experience. 4/5

citra version: nightly 970 HEAD-2ba62ec (2018-09-15).

citra’s graphical settings:

v-sync - disabled
limit speed percent: 100%
enable hardware render - enabled
internal resolution - 2x
enable hardware shader - enabled
accurate multiplication - disabled
accurate geomerty shader - enabled
enable shader JIT - enabled

computer configuration:
Os: Windows 10 pro x64
CPU: Intel Pentium g3260 @ 3.30GHz
RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333MHz
GPU: IntelHD graphics

In Citra, use Help -> Report Compatibility to submit Compatibility information.


I did exactly that now, thank you for telling me!