Animal Crossing New Leaf (Welcome Amiibo)

Has anyone gotten multiplayer to work with this? Trying to play with the wife but every time we try to “invite a friend in” we select “a town nearby” and then we get an in-game error; “A communications error occurred.”

If we try to “invite a friend in” from “a faraway town” we get the message “you don’t have anyone on your friend’s list.”

I’m on the Canary-291 build. I’m not an expert at emulation, so if there was a way to dump my friend’s list from my 3ds and I missed it, can someone explain that to me?


Animal Crossing (and other games, such as Pokemon X/Y, Triforce Heroes) don’t work with multiplayer due to how the game interacts with the Wi-Fi services. We currently don’t know why this happens, and the issue has a bounty on it.

I see. Thanks for the quick response.

Oh actually, multiplayer works just fine now (in ACNL:WA anyway)! All players joining must have a strong and stable wi-fi connection, or else you’ll get that communications error again! (shivers ) And that might mean losing your unsaved progress! Which is why it’s also important to save before and after multiplayer sessions. I hope your problem’s fixed by now! Anyways the multiplayer for ACNL:WA just started working at around the start of 2018, even then it was kinda bumpy, and I’m proud of how well it progressed!

Oh yeah, and make sure to always use “visiting nearby towns” since it’s the local multiplayer mode. Oh yeah and make sure you follow the necessary steps to setting up any multiplayer game in citra! (it’s in the FAQ). I hope you can enjoy Toy Day with your fellow mayors!

is this true? im not getting it to work. on the nightly build, not welcome amibo tho