Animal crossing save data

Hi I wanted to copy my save data from my switch to my PC and I tried to use checkpoint. I was browsing around and I saw no save data but I know I had some. Then I learned Animal crossing does not save in the normal way… I did some reading it is saves unlike other games. JKSV was able to see the save data…But I’m not sure Yuzu can use this data… So I wanted to start a new game on the PC and after the 30 minutes of playing the game to get to the point where I could save, I did so…

I waited for the save to compete and title screen to return and then exited Yuzu, when I loaded it back up nothing was saved. I also noticed nothing is in the games save folder. I’m staring to sense a pattern here… Is the save method for this game different and not supported yet?

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

I was finally able to get my save data off the switch, but putting it in the save folder gives me save data is damaged.
yuzu_log.txt (232.4 KB)
I can use the nhse tool to open my save and make changes but saving does not allow it to load.

I tried to update the game (only the latest 2.4.0) now it sits at loading? Do I need to download all the updates or just the latest?

I read about this “by pass crash” mod but it didnt help. and the endless loading happen with save data out.

unfortunately ryujinx works, but that emulator is not as good.

Regarding the missing save in yuzu, sometimes to prevent data loss the emulator creates a new user profile, and the save remains in the old one. To recover it you have to right click the game in yuzu’s list, select open save data location, navigate two folders back and you will reach the profile ID folders, check the older one.

Regarding transferring from Switch, JKSV should work fine, give it a try.
Latest update will include previous ones, and if the save is fine, the game updates it for you.

Hi I got everything working in RyuJinx but I’d prefer Yuzu . Looks like the saves are compatible so I was able to fully get the game running in RyuJinx and put it in the Yuzu folder. Yuzu just can not load the game, it says loading… I let it sit over night. If you need anything from me let me know, sooner I can stop using RyuJinx the better.

Can you post me an updated log file with the game on a newer version? Also, update your yuzu version, later ones solve issues with the latest Animal Crossing updates.

yuzu_log.txt (1.1 MB)
When I try to update is says I’m up to date?

Releases · yuzu-emu/yuzu-mainline · GitHub you’re some 100 versions behind, follow this to get the installer to properly update without losing data: FAQ - yuzu

You no longer need to use the crash at boot mod for this game, I recommend removing it.

ah, interesting, thx.

So that fixed the loading, issue now I get save data is damaged but interestingly this data works in Ryujinx. If I delete the save data it runs fine but coping in good save data does not.

I’m pretty sure this means my game is not updated but the title shows the right version.

Never mind I was missing an update, I’m all set thx for the help.

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