Anmal Crossing NL Welcome Amiibo Dream Suite on Citra

Hello… this is my first time in this… well I’m playing ACNL WA on Citra, everything is working but I’m trying to unlock the Dream Suite, I did a PWP and I’ve been a Mayor for like 30 days and I joined to a room since it says you need to connect to internet, but I’m trying to find Isabelle asleep on the Town Hall, but that never happens, so Is it possible to unlock that event on the Citra…??? or I just sadly need to use the editor…??? If It’s possible, what I’m doing wrong…??? I hope someone understand me, English is not my language, thank you… :3

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That might be the problem. Citra can’t connect to the internet or the Nintendo Network yet. Citra rooms are basically just the local wireless connection but redirected over Citra servers.