Announcing Citra Android



This is a real blessing,ive been waiting to play the rest of the Shin Megami Tensei titles for really long time.:laughing::ok_hand:

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Amazing work, hope feature Install CIA will add soon, cause some game very need it.


Im using mali gpu and helio p60 cpu
Please upgrade next update :pray: on mediatek :grin::kissing_heart:
Im always supporting your work.


And mario land 3d still runs like crazy i want my 4.99 back.

Please, devs look into mediatek devices to increase the performance.


This is awesome to see but in the future could Android TV work?

Is there any option for controller opacity? The mmj unofficial port has one. Some games are smooth like yoshi and low games, but on ultra sun x2 is just running on 28 to 34 fps, 58% speed.

Someone who already downloaded the app could upload it to the download server since I want to test it on androidx86 but I have version 7.1 r4 and I see that citra asks for minimum android 8, I don’t know if it works (most likely not but I want to try) since the unofficial versions mmj and the developer SachinVin do work but not very well.

Citra requires a 64-bit Android 8 or above OS.


I hope will work for all devices.

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It still lag on my phone, i purchased the premium hoping the texture filter can make it less laggy :frowning: my phone is oppo f9 mediatek helio p60

A few issues i see are low frame dates and lag during cut scenes and no keyboard support but otherwise works pretty good so far

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How about Kirin 980 and Mali G-76?
Huawei Nova 5T here

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Redmi Note 8 Pro user here, I’m getting like 10 fps in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. No enhancements enabled, 1x resolution, etc.
I’ve been following this emulator on PC for the past few years and would be incredibly happy to see the Android port get updates to fix performance on MTK chipsets, since my Helio G90T benchmarks more than the SD660 and close to the SD835, which are both listed as requirements.
A large portion of more budget oriented chinese phones aren’t on Snapdragon so you’re alienating a lot of people by not working on MTK performance. Other emulators like Dolphin or PPSSPP run flawlessly so I can’t see why Citra should be any different.


thank you this release
I always want to play Theaterhythm Final Fantasy without carrying my 3DS.

but I have to ask : how confident are the team to increase the performance for existing devices?

I’m test the game using 2 devices :

  1. Old Galaxy Note 8 Exynos Chip
    around 5-20 fps, no way playable in current state

  2. Newer Galaxy Tab S6 Snapdragon 855
    mostly full speed 60 fps. but slows down randomly when playing and the music keeps getting cut randomly


Can you update for Xiaomi Redmi 6
It doesn’t support and I wanted to play

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Hi there. Just download the APP for my rog phone 2. Super Mario land 3d does not boot. And every game that i trie in maximum settings in my rog phone 2 has too low frame rate. Nothing is playable. Can you give it a Boost? Citra mmj works a lot better. Thank you.

I wonder if i will be able to run games on snapdragon 665 later…?? I mean… Even my brother with his realme 5 pro still couldn’t emulate games right. Granted the recommended requirement for citra is snapdragon 835. But that’s a bit way to high.

I’ve tested few games with it like SMT IVA. it works, sure. But it crashes after you were told to get a relic.

thanks for the release.
Support for extern microSD would be nice! And the possibility to install CIA.