Announcing Citra Android

Are there really no way to play this on android 7?

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I am following this project for a long time and releasing an android version is a blessing. I already downloaded the Official Release of Citra and ready to purchase the premium. But I noticed that my phone cannot handle the emulation, that’s why I am hesitating to purchase the Premium. I have the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro with Mediatek Helio G90t. It can only run 5-10 FPS on Pokémon X and Alpha Sapphire. Can you optimize the emulator to work well with our SoCs? Thank you for your hard work


Please support device with sd710, i think it’s more than powerful to handle 3ds emulation, please consider to test this device in your development, & i will consider to purchase premium version…

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Tried Pokemon X on Note 10+ Exynos version. Giving me 17fps during the game walking. Opening cinematic around 13fps. Professor talking aeound 8 to 12fps.

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Just downloaded Pokemon sun on my OnePlus 5 which runs on Snapdragon 835 chipset
Whenever I use a Pokemon move after I boot the game the move animation suddenly becomes laggy. After using the same set of moves used in first battle again in next battle the move animation suddenly becomes flawless but if the moves used are different the same problem persists.When battling against totem Pokemon the fps suddenly drops from 30-40 ish to around 10. I hope you will redress the following issues mentioned above

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Exynos has been found to have terribly awful performance even on top models. We apologise, but there is nothing much we can do from our end.

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Citra is legal. Dumping your owned games is legal. Downloading them is not.

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Oh!Didn’t know that earlier

I was wondering how do i put the 3DS games on my phone? Is it as easy as copying and pasting the gamefiles? I tried Googling but didn’t help :slight_smile:

No problem. Just trying out. And just reporting it. Ultra Sun is much more capable. Inside the house is 30fps so no problem, except when they are talking. Going outside became worse, FPS drop, getting only 9 to 10FPS.

Imma try on S10+ Snapdragon.

What kind of performance can I expect from a Google Pixel 3a XL? Will I be able to run any games at full speed? Ocarina of Time 3D had some lag spikes and audio stutters. Are there some settings in the phone or app to make it run better?

Please make for android 5, and 32bit processor so i can play citra, it wont install cuz it says parse error

Please I have a redmi note 8 pro, can you optimizate more the game for me and others cpus? :’(


It works terribly bad on my OnePlus 8 Pro (high end device with Snapdragon 865)… It’s very laggy and Super Mario Land 3D shows a white screen after you press START. The unofficial version on weihuoya github was a lot faster and better.

Eu experimentei o emulador Citra no Samsung Galaxy S7, ele preenche todos os requisitos do Android, mas infelizmente apesar de funcionar, a sua taxa de frame é muito baixa, mas não vou reclamar, já que está na fase beta e apesar de tudo isso, o fato de funcionar é uma coisa excelente, quero parabenizar os desenvolvedores e espero que continuem a desenvolver bem os jogos no emulador.

Hey there, you guys are awesome to have put out citra for android. I am currently playing Pokemon Sun on it and it runs lag-free. I do have a specific issue, which is when I enter Pokemon refresh to pet my Pokemon, the controls do not register the function. The petting is indicated by a full hand gesture, but I am not getting that, and thus am not able to increase the enjoyment status of Pokemon. This is a minor problem, so can you confirm what is causing it, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance


Sorry, unfortunately the requirements are already the least we could do. We will not be changing them.

For SM3DL - try turning off the Async GPU option.

Also, Citra mmj builds are unofficial and we neither support nor allow the discussion of such builds. Thanks.

It’s still a beta version. If it doesn’t perform well for you, please be patient and wait for future updates. Thank you.

If your device meets the requirements, then performance varies based on your device hardware. So you’ll have to try it out and check for yourself