Announcing Networking Support



Can a 3DS be used with CItra? or is it Citra only?


It is Citra to Citra communication only at this time.

Ice Station Z v1.2
Dead or Alive: Dimensions

Man, this is the bee’s knees! This is a great achievement for Citra and for all it’s developers. Great job!


great job on this feature, definitely one of the most requested ones and it’s great to see such a hard work put into it

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my citra crashes when i try to enter my username and token

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I have both Sun and Moon, how can i open those 2 games and trade with myself? I tried opening Citra twice, loading both games and joining the same server room but i can’t find my other self.

Please make a separate support topic for your issue.

I’m not quite sure. Some things to look out for are:

  • The same Citra Services account. Since you’re connecting to yourself, instead of using the same account twice, you can avoid the Citra Services completely by creating an unlisted room on one instance of Citra, and directly connecting to I haven’t tested this method, it’s just a hypothetical scenario because resolves to your own IP.
  • The same in-game ID. When saves are shared between Pokemon games, trainers can have the same ID, which consuses the game greatly.
  • The same console ID. This is configurable in Citra’s general configuration, and I believe can also confuse the system.
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It is planed to have to possibility to play on citra server with 3ds ?
And does this suport unrealesed game / homebrew ?

Hard to tell, I don’t think anyone is looking into it yet.

Unless you happen to be a reviewer, we do not support unreleased games in Citra as that is piracy. Homebrew is fine, assuming you’re playing with people that have the same version.

Fire Emblem Fates not work
Will work in the future?

Cemu, the WiiU emulator, recently announced multiplayer by using account.dat files that you would get from your own WiiU. Can we expect anything like that in the future here? If I can’t get on the GTS in Pokémon, I’m not really sure I’m ready to pick up this emulator yet.

Currently we only support WiFi.
We do not yet support connecting to Nintendo’s servers, that’s a whole other ballgame.
If / When we add support, you’ll need additional files dumped from your 3DS, similar to how other providers do this.

Do you mean a Citra .3dsx that allows you to connect to Citra servers? If so, well, you can try to code it yourself. Not a very bad idea tho.

It it does become a thing, it would probably work best in the form of a Rosaline module or NTR plugin.

Hi, is possible to play multiplayer with 2 (or more) computers via lan, without internet connection?

citra seems to only support rooms through the internet atm

oh bad news for old school lan parties users :confused: