Announcing Networking Support

There should be no issues doing this actually.

Have one Citra instance host the room, then use direct connect to connect to localhost. Or your Internal LAN IP address.

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That is exactly what we needed! we will try it this weekend in a house without internet connection, thanks for all Citra Team!

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I can see a certain people on my guest list in pokemon moon, some people don’t show up, including my friends. Do you know why?
Anyways, this feature is really great!!! Thanks you guys a lot.

Can you try regenerating the console ID in Emulation - Configure - System?

OMG. It did work, Thanks a lot!!!

Does this let me freeform fusion on Dragon Ball Fusions? If not please add it ;-;

You can’t just add stuff to the emulator. Things need to be thought out, coded, reviewed & then introduced into the emulator. In short, it will be done when it is done.

I said nothing about it being easy to add something to an emulator. I asked if they could add it. I did not tell them to or demand them. Calm down my guy.

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If that feature only requires local network play, then it should work.
If it’s something that needs connection to Nintendo Network, then no.

Haha. Cheer up! I wasn’t telling u off or anything.

So no streetpass? Cause that’s what it requires

StreetPass is not implemented yet.

Fudge there goes actual good fusing on dragon ball fusions lol

Hello, when I tried to use the local network feature, I encountered a problem saying that I’m missing a region manifest system archive?

You need to dump the system archives from your 3DS.

I lost my 3ds a long time ago so I used my friends files, but I only have a shared font files, and my friends dont have the same issue. Does this mean I’m missing another folder in the sysdata folder, or something else entirely?

If you only have the shared fonts / don’t have the 3DS anymore, then you’re out of luck.

Is it possible to play fire emblem fates with friends?

Thank you, Citra staff!
Does this mean that I should be able to use the GTS and Wonder Trade and everything when playing Pokemon Omega Ruby? Because I tried and it didn’t work. Am I missing something?

Citra only supports local wireless features, it does not connect to Pokemon’s online servers