Announcing Networking Support


Wow! I’ve missed so much. Can’t wait to try this out.


Is connecting to the online servers something that will maybe happen in the future for Citra? Or do we know yet?


That requires a few more system modules like HTTP to be implemented yet. No timeline for that


when i tried to battle with passersby, it says there appears to be a problem and the battle will be canceled. why is that?


Please make a separate support topic for your issue, filling out the template.


Hey! Nice progress. I never thought citra would get to utilise the multiplayer aspects of games. Is there any guesstimate for when streetpass might be implemented, or is it so far in the future you can’t give any sort of estimation?


No one is currently working on supporting streetpass


Ah, that’s a shame. It could be argued it plays more of a part in a lot of games than multiplayer. Thanks for answering anyway. :slight_smile:


when will monster hunter generationd be able to use netplay?


I don’t believe anyone has identified the issue, so it’s hard to say.


After updating the canary build
The networking tab is missing


The multiplayer Qt integration conflicted, and we will be fixing this as soon as possible.


i see
thanks for your hard work


Will mystery gift in Pokemon games be supported?




I say just edit the .main in a program like pkhex. I believe there’s program for doing what you want.


Just wondering, any clues into how to get the local multiplayer working for games like mhx/mhxx? Curious to see how long till support for these will come out.

I don’t have much knowledge on what much changed between the wireless setup from MH4U and MHGen/X so not sure how difficult this would be.


MHX / MHXX have a networking bug which is present in many games (such as Pokemon X/Y, Animal Crossing, Triforce Heroes). It also has a bounty on top of it, so you know that fixing this bug is no easy task.


Final Fantasy explorers US also not working in the latest version… hoping to see it working in the future… great work otherwise


‘‘You are ussing a different version of Citra-Local-Wifi™ then the room you are trying to connect to’’ anyone can help me :'v?