Announcing Networking Support

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I think it’s possible to use tunnelling servers so people don’t need to port forward. It’d be cooler if this was built into Citra though.

Networking so this is like online using internet? like you can do online battle on pokemon sun and moon using internet so you can connect globally?

Sort off. Most 3DS games have 2 main ways to do multiplayer:

  1. Local multiplayer (which is a 3DS - 3DS connection).
  2. Online multiplayer (which is a 3DS - Nintendo's servers - 3DS connection over wifi).

Citra’s networking support emulates the local multiplayer part. Which might sound a bit confusing because our implementation allows you to connect to another Citra user over internet, not just locally. But as far as the game is concerned, it believes you are connecting locally with another 3DS —> Allowing you to use the game’s local multiplayer features to play with your friends over the internet.

Is it awaible with android device or work only with pc?

Currently, it’s only available on PC.