Any fast Citra builds for Hyrule Warriors Legends?

I would really appreciate it if you all can help me find some Citra emulator builds just for Hyrule Warriors Legends! :slight_smile:

Please only download from the official Citra website. Also, most users would use Bleeding Edge.


As @Leo121 said, we only provide support for official builds. Bleeding Edge builds has almost everything you need to play the recent compatible games (sometimes you need to download an older build, but this is specific to some games only). Don’t risk being infected downloading any builds from anywhere else :wink:


0_0 Woah! You two responded faster than I thought. Also, thanks for the heads up. I tried using Bleeding Edge to play Hyrule Warriors but…it crashes. XD I am very impressed with how far this emulator has developed within the past two years!

if you learn to compile the project. You can merge mailwy’s branch that fixes that game with a hack. I must warn you that it’s very buggy in-game.

I sunk 60 hours into the Wii U version, so please don’t make this work on Citra otherwise I might lose more of my life to this game! :smile:

On a serious note, it’ll be interesting to see how the games that were optimised for the “New” 3DS work on Citra.