Any plans on Yuzu for Android?

So as we can see. Phone hardware has already surpassed the Switch even 3 years ago. Why are we not seeing a Switch emulator? As far as I can tell it’ll be easier to port Yuzu to Android than on PC.

In fact I’ve seen a ton of videos of another Switch emulator for android that requires a specific 60$ controllers run Monster hunter stories 2, Smash Ultimate, Naruto Storm 3, Ninja gaiden, Sniper elite 4, Astral Chain, Bayonetta Etc at Playable Framerates.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

This is a warning
I don’t care what you do with you’re money, 60$ is a fake money stealer (Credit Card fraud), do not trust what all you can find on the net that is for you’re own good interest, you will get ripped hard and you will be empty off all you’re money, there are no emulators who charges directly, they are charging only 10$ who want’s to help the projects, it’s not on demand, and you can get them for free on a later date.
And so on, the emulators are free, you only donate money to help the emulator team to make progress, for all to be happy campers like me.

You do not know what your talking about, I just don’t want mention the emulators name in this forum because it will be deleted.

Look up TechUtopia and Erick Darmawan

Then be my guest, I don’t care, it is you’re money, not mine.
Only I wanted to help you, not reap you.
I have many years on my back with emulators from 2002.

Though I can’t speak for the projects you’re referring to (I’ve also heard rumours of questionable legality concerning those projects), Yuzu is currently focused on improving the emulator as a whole on desktop. Still, android is something they’d want to look at in the future. Be sure to check the announcements tab here on the forums or on the discord server as they’ll be sure to announce it there if something like an android build is on the horizon.
So yea, it’s not so much about whether it’s possible, more about when the devs feel that the project is far enough along to start thinking about a possible android port.

Yes the project your talking about that stole Yuzu code. They already Got Bioshock 1 and 2 at 30 fps, Same with Smash Ultimate

Well I sure look forward to it, I know the Citra and Yuzu devs are a bit more Enthusiastic and reliant than the PCSX2 devs who blames their fans for their wrong doing